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West Virginia State University

Charleston, West Virginia

West Virginia State University is a historically black university, which has evolved into a fully accessible, racially diverse, and multi-generational institution offering baccalaureate and graduate degrees. The suburban University is located in Institute, WV, eight miles from downtown Charleston.

West Virginia State University is a comprehensive university dedicated to meeting the intellectual and professional needs of students, whether you are a traditional 18-year-old or an adult learner seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree.

The first half-century of the history of WVSC epitomizes the long struggle of African-Americans for educational opportunity and political, social, and economic equality. While desegregation changed the racial proportions of the student body, faculty, and staff, WVSC still emphasizes the diversity of its people and derives important values and elements of its mission from its tradition as a historically black college.

Persons seeking admission must have completed the following college preparatory curriculum in high school: four units of basic English (grammar, composition, and literature); two units of laboratory science (biology, chemistry, physics, and other theory-based courses with a strong laboratory science orientation); two units of mathematics including algebra and higher; and three units of social studies, including U.S. History. Also highly recommended, but not required, are one unit of physical education and one of foreign language. (Students planning to enter engineering-related or science programs are encouraged to have units of advanced algebra and trigonometry.)


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