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Electrical Training

Basic Electrical Training provides trainees with the courseware material that prepare them for the trade of electrical technology. They'll start with the basics - a comprehensive foundation in math and measurement skills and move on to electrical principles and measurements.

Trainees interested in learning to apply the concepts they've learned in the basic electrical training program have an opportunity for hands-on experimentation with the XK-100 Measurements Trainer (The trainer and associated equipment manual are available on an optional basis).

Electricians enjoy a good wage with tremendous job security. Many are even the boss of their own business. There are numerous opportunities available across the country and you typically have the ability to select the type of work you enjoy.

Some choose working as a building trade electrician in either the residential or commercial fields working in new construction or remodeling. Others get involved in installation and repairs as a maintenance electrician. Still others work in public utilities, phone companies, TV cable companies and the like where the value and knowledge of a skilled electrician are important.

Whether you're in a big city, small town or rural area, there's plenty of demand for qualified electricians.

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