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How to Find the Right Certificate or Training Program

Black student training in IT courseInstead of earning a college degree, many students opt for a one or two year program at a technical school where they can earn a certificate for some type of special training. Depending on the institution, available certificates can range from automotive to massage therapy to plumbling and many more. After earning such certificates, many students go on to pursue very successful careers!

Here are some of the most popular certificates and training programs to choose from:

Automotive Training - Anyone whose car or light truck has broken down knows the importance of the jobs of automotive service technicians and mechanics. The ability to diagnose the source of a problem quickly and accurately requires good reasoning ability and a thorough knowledge of automobiles. Many technicians consider diagnosing hard-to-find troubles one of their most challenging and satisfying duties.

Clinical Nutritionist Certification - The discipline of Human Clinical Nutrition applies principles derived from current biochemical and physiological scientific knowledge for the purpose of promoting optimal health while recognizing biochemical individuality.

Computer Repair Training - The proliferation of computer technology in businesses and the workplace has created a huge demand for people that can set up, fix, and maintain computers and related technology. This is the job of the computer technician.

Electrical Training - Basic Electrical Training provides trainees with the courseware material that prepare them for the trade of electrical technology. They'll start with the basics - a comprehensive foundation in math and measurement skills and move on to electrical principles and measurements.

Fitness Instructor Certification - Receiving your AFPA certification shows your peers, supervisors, and the public your commitment to your chosen career and your ability to perform. Since university degrees no longer represent the full measure of professional knowledge and competence in today's evolving job market, certification will help set you apart as a qualified leader in your field.

Locksmith Training - Before you can be hired as a locksmith or before you can branch out on your own in a locksmithing business, there are certain skills you must master. Luckily, there are training programs specifically designed for the aspiring locksmith.

Massage Therapy - Professional massage therapists in general need around 600 hours of in class training (and many therapists are trying to up those hours to establish even more credibility with other health professionals, but that's a whole other topic). Many programs now offer 1,000 hours of training.

MSCE Certification - MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. It is the most widely known Microsoft certification. MCSE qualified persons have the ability to provide business solutions by designing and implementing the required infrastructure. The certification is useful for technical support & Systems engineers, technical consultants, network and systems analysts and also for regular software engineers.

Plumbing Training - Plumbing is among the most specialized and respected skills in the building trades. Plumbers help make sure water runs cleanly, reliably, and at the right temperature. Toilets flush, wastewater is treated, and pipes stay secure with plumbers' help. And when pipes burst, freeze, or leak, a plumber is usually the only one who can fix it!

Refrigeration/AC Training - Refrigeration and Air Condition Professionals now rank among the top fastest growing, high-paying careers in America. The demand for skilled technicians is excellent and so is the pay with hourly wages topping $25-$30 an hour and annual incomes in the $40,000 - $60,000 ranges.

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