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Massage License and Certification

Professional massage therapists in general need around 600 hours of in class training (and many therapists are trying to up those hours to establish even more credibility with other health professionals, but that's a whole other topic). Many programs now offer 1,000 hour training.

Currently, as of this writing, there are 33 states that require some sort of certification or licensing to practice massage as a business. This does not include the local regulations that might be in your area or city.

There is a National Certification offered (called NCBTMB). Many states require that the National Certification be obtained before they can be licensed or certified by the state. At least that's the way it's done in Virginia. As an example, Virginia requires the National Certification Exam be taken and passed, before being certified to practice massage by the State Nursing Board of Virginia.

After certification then additional continuing education credits must be earned every couple years to maintain certification status.

There are 19 states that require no state-wide certification. Those 19 states might have local regulations however.

If you do intend to practice professionally then it is highly encouraged to attend a massage school.

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