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Earning An Accounting Degree

Accounting is concerned with the provision, interpretation, and application of financial and other economic information essential to the efficient conduct and evaluation of an organization's activities.

It includes a study of data processing and reporting methods, and of the many related measurement and conceptual problems such as how to assess and report the effects of inflation on the organization's earnings and financial status.

Because decisions made by various users are partly based on accounting information, accounting has to adapt to changing business and social needs. In order that the professional accountant be able to meet and/or initiate change, his or her education must therefore extend beyond a mastery of techniques and practices to include a study of their conceptual foundations, rationale, and limitations; and must include an examination of alternative accounting models.

Specializations within the Major
Business Finance
Microeconomics and economics
Data Processing
Investment Management

Required and Elective Courses
Microeconomics and economics
Financial controls
Mathematics (calculus)
Mathematics (statistics)

Related Organizations
National Association of Black Accountants


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