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Earning A Business Degree

Once the Internet revolution began, modern business promised never to be the same again. Competition grew to global proportions as buyers and producers began connecting to one another from remote parts of the world. It quickly became clear that securing a solid business degree or certificate was critical for long-term success and growth.

The Internet revolution also transformed education. Almost immediately, business degree and certificate programs online began to flourish. The ease with which you can master areas such as statistics, economics, finance, business ethics, accounting, and e-commerce is incredible. From the comfort of home, it is possible to learn all of the essential skills necessary to launch a successful career as an analyst, entrepreneur, or researcher.

Exact salary figures for the business world are actually difficult to pin down because business is such a dynamic and widespread industry. According to USA Today, the average starting salary for MBA graduates was more than $106,000 in 2005. This statistic is by no means a guarantee of what you'll make after securing a business degree, but it serves as a useful barometer for what you can achieve in certain situations. Even for associate degrees or certificates in business, potential salary figures can be promising. This is especially true for self-starters and entrepreneurs who use their skills to exploit burgeoning markets and opportunities.

Specializations within the Major
Operations management and administration
Accounting and finance
Organizational behavior
Marketing and sales
Information systems/computers
Risk analysis and insurance

Required and Elective Courses
Microeconomics and economics
Financial controls
Mathematics (calculus)
Law and legal studies
Computer science and information systems

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National Black MBA Association
Black Business Association
African American Business Summit


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