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How to Declare Your Major

Black student deciding on what major to chooseA college major is the career course that you will primarily pursue. Students should be careful to choose the right major, so as not to waste a lot of time taking courses that they don't really need. Depending on the school, available majors can range from accounting to computer science to business to music and more. A student can also choose to minor in a certain field, which typically means they will take 4-5 courses related to that subject.

Here are some of the most popular majors to choose from:

Accounting - Accounting is concerned with the provision, interpretation, and application of financial and other economic information essential to the efficient conduct and evaluation of an organization's activities.

Biology - In a nutshell, biology is the study of the processes that are fundamental to all forms of life. The major requires that students be familiar with mathematics, physics, chemistry, and statistics, and many colleges require these courses for the major.

Business - Once the Internet revolution began, modern business promised never to be the same again. Competition grew to global proportions as buyers and producers began connecting to one another from remote parts of the world. It quickly became clear that securing a solid business degree or certificate was critical for long-term success and growth.

Communications - A college degree in communications is based on the Greek and Latin studies of language and rhetoric, and how they could be used as tools to benefit all of society. These ancient teachings are the foundation for many modern societies and form the core of studies in communications, linguistics, archeology, religion, philosophy, art history, fine arts, sociology, ancient history, and law.

Computer Science/IT - Computer and information technology is an interdisciplinary major that teaches students how to solve problems with the aid of computers, computer science, information science, and related systems.

Criminal Justice - The law and legal studies major focuses on legal issues from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities. The social sciences include history, criminology, economics, political science, and American government and politics, while the humanities include English language/literature, English composition, and philosophy.

Engineering - Engineering is a broad-based major with many specialties. Students learn how to apply mathematical and scientific principles to a variety of practical problems. Engineers work in a wide variety of areas, including industry, organization, public works, and commerce.

Journalism - Students who major in journalism study the correct methods for gathering, processing, and delivering news, information, and images. Journalists work for TV, radio, print publications (newspapers or magazines), or online/Internet publishers, and many journalists work freelance, marketing their stories to a range of outlets.

Marketing - The Marketing operations and marketing and distribution majors teach students about the principles and practices of general marketing, sales, and distribution operations. Students learn to plan and execute the concept, price, promotion, and distribution for various products and services.

Mathematics - Mathematics is the study of how symbols, logic, and language are used to describe relationships between numbers and forms. Today's mathematicians often employ computers in their calculations. Mathematics is used extensively, employed in research and industrial and commercial applications.

Nursing - Students learn the skills necessary to become a registered nurse and provide care for sick and disabled individuals. Nursing requires knowledge from an array of disciplines, including applied and natural sciences, technical skills, and social sciences.

Physical Education - Earning a physical education degree can prepare students for careers as instructors at the elementary through high school level. For students with goals of becoming high school or private league athletics coaches, a physical education degree can serve as a good career starter.

Political Science - In the major of political science, students examine a wide range of political institutions and organizations and their behavior. The focus is mainly on the politics of state and government, including their relations with members of society and with one another.

Psychology - Psychology is a general major that examines the science behind individual and collective behavior. Psychologists analyze and treat behavioral problems and disorders in individuals, seeking to understand why people the way they are. Psychology is used in advertising, criminology, and counseling and health-care industries.

Public Relations - This major teaches students the skills necessary to manage the media image of a business, organization, or individual, as well as the communication processes, including mission statements and group relations, within organizations.

Sociology - Sociologists study human behavior as it pertains to human interaction within the guidelines of an organizational structure. The interaction between humans is more complex than the interactions between other animal species.

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