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Earning A Degree In Physical Education

Earning a physical education degree can prepare students for careers as instructors at the elementary through high school level. For students with goals of becoming high school or private league athletics coaches, a physical education degree can serve as a good career starter.

Online courses in physical education are a good way to prepare for specific concentrations within the field, such as certain sports, exercise techniques, or particular physical education jobs. Many physical education degree programs use online courses to supplement on-campus programs, allowing students more flexibility in earning their degrees.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that job opportunities are best for part-time coaches, as full-time positions often require a wealth of experience and expertise in a specialized area of athletics. High schools, sports clubs, and community centers are great places to find part-time coaching jobs.

Earning a physical education degree can also give graduates an edge against the competition for PE teacher and coach positions. Coaches earned an average annual salary of $21,260 in 2004, many working part-time at the high school level. At the college level, the average was $36,610. Earnings by physical education teachers are included with BLS reports of the average teaching salary, which ranged between $41,400 and $45,920 in the same year.


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